Organizers of the 65th Scientific Conference - Krynica Zdrój 2019

Civil Engineering Committee
Polish Academy of Sciences
Civil Engineering Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences (KILiW PAN) already has a long history, counted in terms of tens of years. The First Congress of Polish Science, which took place in June of 1951, among others adopted a resolution that justified the need to establish the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS, in Polish PAN). This institution was established by the Act of Parliament, dated October 30th, 1951. This Act provided for calling into life Scientific Committees associated with the PAS Faculties, at the same time defining the framework of their activities.
Science Board
Polish Association of Civil Engineers
Polish Association of Civil Engineers (PZITB), continues the tradition of Polish Association of Building Engineers, established on May 4th, 1943, and is a creative self-governing scientific and technical association of engineers, technicians and students. The Association deals with building matters as well as professional and social problems of its members.
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Cracow University of Technology
The Faculty of Civil Engineering is counted among the largest faculties of the University, both in terms of the quality and number of the faculty members, as well as the numbers of students studying on full time or weekend schedules at the 1st Cycle (engineering level), 2nd Cycle (complementary M.Sc. level) and 3rd Cycle (doctoral level). All together currently about 4000 students study at the faculty.
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Eng.
Gdańsk University of Technology
Currently the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering may be counted among the largest faculties of the University (over 4500 students and 200 faculty members). The teaching offer includes four fields of study: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation, as well as Geodesy and Cartography. The 1st (engineering level) and 2nd (M.Sc. level) Cycle studies are offered within the first three fields of study.


Registration of participants and thematic scope of papers via the web page. Delivery of the papers designated for the general session to Branch Science
 Committees of Polish Association of Civil Engineers (PZITB), according to the guidelines published on the web page,
 Payment of the conference fee (early bird rebate)


Delivery of the papers accepted by the Branch Science Committees of Polish
 Association of Civil Engineers (PZITB) to the Organizing Committee.


Information on acceptance of papers for the general section.


Submission of the revised version of paper to the Organizing Committee.


Deadline for registration fee payment.


Delivery of the slideshow presentation to the Organizing Committee

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